5 Issues Hormone Therapy Can Fix

5 Issues Hormone Therapy Can Fix

Hormones are responsible for so many different functions in the body, making any imbalances, deficiencies or overproductions very significant and worth paying attention.

Hormone therapies, whether they involve bio-identical hormones or synthetic hormones, can offer solutions to individuals who are struggling with concerns that are determined to be related to hormonal problems. This is why many established naturopathic physicians and other medical professionals with offer it.

Regardless of your age, sex or any other identity, receiving hormone therapy and fixing imbalances can be really life-changing. Here are just five common issues hormone therapy can fix!

Mood Swings

Particularly if you are experience menopause or perimenopause, mood swings can be a huge symptom of your hormonal changes.

Hormones won’t only cause these as you age, however. Having an imbalance at any point in your life may leave you feeling moodier and confused as to why you can’t seem to find a common ground.

Once your doctor determines the hormonal root of your mood swings (oftentimes a drop in progesterone and estrogen levels for women), you’ll be able to live a much more productive and stable lifestyle.

Overactive Bladder

Less talked about when on the topic of hormones is the potential for overactive bladder or even recurring urinary tract infections.

This situation is usually associated with declining levels of estrogen, making it another common hormonal concern in reference to menopause.

Hormone replacement can help to solve this by once again triggering your body’s natural production of antimicrobial proteins in your bladder while also strengthening the urinary tract tissue, restoring your body’s natural functions and levels of protection.

Of course, this symptom can also be improved by making an effort to drink more water, drink cranberry juice and actively employ other typical strategies to remedy urinary tract infections in addition to the hormone therapy.

Low Energy

Though it can be an indication of a variety of underlying concerns, low energy is one of the most common symptoms of typical cases with hormone imbalances.

Dr. Sarah Bennett, a naturopathic physician in Scottsdale, regularly treats patients for issues considering fatigue or low energy:

“The concern with low energy levels is that it will undoubtedly impact just about every area of your life. It can impact work, leisure, relationships and, most importantly, your overall health. To maintain an enjoyable quality of life, you have to also maintain your energy. Aside from nutritional and lifestyle structuring, hormone therapy is one of my go-to recommendations once it’s been determined that energy concerns are linked to issues like low testosterone, estrogen or progesterone.”

Be aware that this symptom can happen to just about any adult since testosterone levels in both men and women typically begin dropping in your 20s, directly resulting in symptoms like low energy.

Diminished Sex Drive

When you’re experiencing a considerable and noticeable decline in your sex drive, there is a pretty fair chance that it is related to your hormones.

The roots of decreased libido can actually often be traced back to very similar places as decreased energy since it often involves sex hormones like testosterone or estrogen, both of which are present and important in men and women alike.

These drops are common with age, particularly once women are in menopause, but they can happen at any point in life. As mentioned earlier, testosterone levels start decreasing long before menopausal age, so it’s worth a conversation with your doctor even if you’re still fairly young.

By replenishing hormones like testosterone and estrogen, you will likely find your libido back to where it was before you experienced the imbalance. Some patients may even see an overall improvement if they’ve always had relatively low levels or if they have been declining for some time!

Thyroid Disorders

Lastly and perhaps more seriously, hormone therapy has been used in helping individuals who are suffering from thyroid disorders.

Since your thyroid hormone is one of the most important hormones for regulating energy use and many other important processes, dropping levels can cause your body’s processes to slow down and change, causing a range of concerns like fatigue, weight gain, swelling, sweating and more.

On the other end of things, a hyperactive thyroid could also cause problems like unhealthy amounts of weight loss due to an accelerated metabolism or even a rapid/irregular heartbeat.

Needless to say, making sure your thyroid is in check is vital. If you are in the situation where you’re experiencing hypothyroidism (not producing enough thyroid hormones), thyroid hormone therapy can remedy the situation and restore your body’s natural, healthy functions.

In Summary

These are just a few of the issues and conditions that can be relieved by hormone therapy, which is understandable since our hormones influence so many different parts of our body and its functions.

Whether you are looking into bioidentical hormone therapy or other types of hormone therapy, you can be well on your way to fixing common concerns like mood swings, overactive bladder, fatigue, low libido, thyroid concerns and more.

Many of these symptoms will often overlap due to how hormones interact with each other and also impact several functions at once.

Particularly if you are entering your old age, this is something that should be on your radar to combat the symptoms.

For more insight on holistic approaches to helping your body heal through its own natural processes, be sure to check out our other blog posts!

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