Vision homeopathic software

CPH Offer. Exclusive to CPH students and alumni


Vision - Exclusive to students and alumni of CPH

In conjunction with the College of Practical Homeopathy we are pleased to offer our Vision homeopathic software for Windows and macOS at a discounted price. This exclusive offer includes the Vision software with:

Murphy's Repertory Murphy's Materia Medica Combined Repertory (derived from Kent's Repertory with additions from the same sources used in the Synthetic Repertory plus additions from reliable modern authors such as Vithoulkas, Sherr, Sankaran, Norland, Grey etc etc)

These additional Classical Repertories are also provided:

  • Boericke Pocket Book

  • Boger General Analysis

  • Boenninghausen Repertory

  • Phatak Repertory

  • Clarke's Repertory


This product requires internet access to activate and then occasional internet access to verify license validity. This product is a 'download-only' product. You will already have downloaded and installed Vision or you will do so. On receipt of your order we will email you a Product Key to permanently activate your Vision system Should you wish to have a backup copy of Vision on USB memory stick you can order one below. Additional repertories and materia medicas may be added to your order. You can also purchase a copy of our Akiva software for help with acutes at 20% off normal price (please see Link )

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