Understanding Travel & Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an excellent way of treating yourself when travelling, from prevention of acute diseases to the treating of acute diseases that you may encounter on your travels. Ultimately the best form of protection for acute diseases is avoidance and making sure your immune system is not compromised before you start your journey.

Things to avoid are:

• drinking contaminated water

• cleaning teeth in contaminated water

• swimming in contaminated water

• eating food that looks and smells suspicious

• being bitten

• avoiding walking barefoot

• avoiding intimate physical contact with strangers

Ideally the traveller should start to look at immune support eight weeks prior to departure. At this point most people will be looking at having conventional immunisation, with all the attendant risks and costs. Homeopathy does provide an alternative for people who choose to take responsibility for their own health.

The homeopathic remedies are particularly suitable for the world traveller because basic prescribing is easy to learn and they:

• are safe and are highly effective

• are suitable for children, pregnant women and the elderly

• are easy to administrate • are compact and light and have a long shelf life

• are inexpensive and easy to obtain • are legally transportable across international borders

• the potencies are standardised internationally

The Alternative Route to Disease Prevention (This requires you to take responsibility for your health).

• Buy a homeopathic travel kit & ‘The World Travellers Manual of homeopathy’ by Dr Colin B. Lessell

• Seek professional guidance from a practical homeopath

• Invest in your immune system by eating a diet rich in fibre, rich in complex carbohydrates, fruit & vegetable and balancing your stress levels before you travel.

Suppliers of Remedies and travel kits:

• Ainsworth: 020 7935 5330

• Helios: 01892 537 254

• Gailands: 01305 263 996

• Vital Homeopathics: 01484 540 925

Two week before travelling 7 drops of the following herbal combination tincture:

• Echinacea angustifolia It acts as a natural antibiotic, purifying the lymphatic system and the blood. It is also an immune stimulant.

• Wormwood it is a powerful remedy used for the treatment worm infestations, it helps the body deal with fever and infections.

• Ginger It acts by supporting the digestive system and the liver.

Continue this through out the trip and one week after returning to Britain or your native country:

• Malaria Off 30c – one tab 2x daily before the flight. One tab 2x daily the day you arrive at your destination. Then take this remedy once a week throughout the trip 2x a day. Continue to take it once weekly 2x daily for 4weeks after returning to Britain or your native country.

• China Off 12x – One tab 2x daily throughout the duration of your trip do not take it on the day you take the Malaria Off. Continue to take it 2x daily for two weeks after returning to Britain or your native country.

Extra Remedies:

• Arnica 200 – accidents, shock, exhaustion, jetlag. Swelling, bruising, first remedy to take after any accident.

• Arsen alb 30c – Sickness and Diarrhoea

Take if you have eaten something that has turned your stomach. Repeat the dose each time there is a loose motion or you vomit. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and do not starve yourself. It is reputed to be a prophylactic against Yellow Fever – feel chilly

• Baptisia 30 – amoebic dysentery. Typhoid fever.

Tired Bruised feeling sick all over. Prostration worse than arsenicum.

• Belladonna 200c – Sun Stroke Sun Burn/Prickly Heat Take at 15 minute intervals for the first hour, then dose as you feel appropriate. Drink plenty of water and keep cool. If too severe, seek medical assistance and the following day stay out of the sun. – fever remedy. Pupils dilated. Sunstroke Remedy. Jetlag dehydration.

• Carbo veg 30 – complete state of collapse-heart attack use with arnica. Many digestive uses for flatulence, wind.

• Caladium 6c – Insect Bites Take dose before you go out in the evenings to prevent you being bitten. If you forget, you can take dose after you have been bitten – it will help with the itching/swelling, but prevention is better than cure so try and remember to take before you go out.

• China 30 – for dehydration especially after Diarrhoea/sickness, sunstroke.

• Cocculus – Travel Sickness If you know you suffer with travel sickness, take 2 x ½ hour before you travel and 2 every 2 hours until your destination is reached. If it comes over you during travel, take 2 every 15 minutes until you have it under control, then every 2 hours until your destination is reached. Drink plenty of water.

• Hypericum 200 – For injury to nerves. Shooting pains. After any puncture wound after ledum to help prevent tetanus.

• Ipecac 30 – For vomiting when not feel better after Vomiting. Can be alternated with arsenicum for food poisoning.

• Ledum 200 – Puncture wounds risk of tetanus, cold bluish Injuries. Bites and stings. Prevents you from being bitten by insects.

• Nux vom 200c – Hangovers! Take dose before you go out in the evening and then dose when you get home before you go to bed. Drink a big glass of water before you go to bed.

• Pyrogen 200c – use with other indicated remedies in your travel kit for gastro intestinal, septic states, fevers etc…

• SOL 30c – Sun Burn/Prickly Heat Sun Burn – Take at 10 minute intervals for the first hour, then ½ hourly until relief is achieved. Keep cool, drink plenty of water and obtain some aloe vera gel if possible to apply ectopically. If too severe, seek medical assistance.

Prickly Heat – If you know you are prone to prickly heat, start to take 3 days before you go – 2 x 2 times per day, then 2 a day for the duration of the holiday. If you get prickly heat when out there, take 2 x 3 times per day until it subsides then take 2 times per day until you are happy you have it under control, then cut it down to 1 per day and continue with that dose for the duration of the holiday. Drink plenty of water, and until it calms down, sit in the shade.

How to take the remedies:

• A dose is one tablet.

• Carry them in your hand luggage so they are to hand.

• Tip one tablet into the lid and flip it into you mouth.

• Suck or chew the tablets. • Take away from food or drink.

• Take away from when you brush your teeth. N.B – you are strongly advised to seek expert medical assistance in the case of serious or potentially life threatening disease. If you are unsure about how to prescribe for yourself then seek the advice of a qualified practical homeopath before you travel.

If you are interested in exploring or studying homeopathy or attending our student clinics then contact Ellen Kramer MCPH, ARH, Course Director of The College of Practical Homeopathy

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