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I took the PT Homeopathy course at CPH from 2009 to 2013 and enjoyed every minute of it. My experience at CPH was a life-changing one, full of growth on both a personal and academic level. The practical approach of the college was empowering and the teachers were all very generous in sharing their knowledge, experiences and time. It was a very supportive and nurturing environment from both the teaching staff and support staff. Ellen is, and will continue to be a source of great inspiration for me. CPH I honour you and am forever in gratitude for the beautiful healing gifts i have received from you.

Chaitalee Sheth


Fantastic place to study. I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment. I called all the Homeopathic colleges around at the time and remember being particularly impressed with CPH's offering. The nature of the course is in its name. It is incredibly practical, exactly what is required when training homeopath's facing the issues present today. The practical nature, gives you a hands on approach to learning, seeing patients very early on and this equips you better with skills required when developing your own practice. Ellen, Tim, Caroline and the rest of the team have a wealth of experience and are very passionate about homeopathy. This translates into both interesting and inspiring lectures. I think CPH has probably got one of the highest conversion rates from students to practising homeopaths. The notes, lectures, clinics and support given all contribute to this and CPH would be my first choice if I were to do it all over again. Thank you!

Narihito Matsunaga

I enjoyed the course at CPH very much, right from the moment I started.

My allocated personal supervisor kept guiding me through every step. 

She was friendly and supportive as well as being very experienced with lots of patience.

Working at my own pace, I was fully satisfied with the experience and we highly recommend this course to

anyone who wants to learn Homeopathy. ​

Anna Kuprova

I would like to fully recommend a program of CPH because of many positive aspects, but mostly because of perfect structure of the program, great support during studies and encouraging guidance. As a full time employed nurse I appreciated the flexibility of the course. Many thanks to all staff in CPH for patience and support on my journey of transformation from allopathic way of thinking to real healing system.

Tomoko Ando

I thoroughly enjoyed my training at CPH. The course is well structured and the materials provided are so comprehensive. I was introduced not only to the remedy information but also to the history, philosophy and spirit of practising homeopathy. 

I am grateful to all the teachers and staff at CPH for being patient and encouraging. It was ideally suited to me, to have the flexibility of learning. If you are already a practitioner of other healing arts, the homeopathy in CPH style is a great addition to support your patients along with your existing disciplines. 

Meira Burton

So glad I chose to do my training at CPH. I graduated feeling confident and knowledgeable and the excellent teaching I received turned me into a competent practitioner.

Shantimaya Jammoul

Wonderful education and excellent teachers! The knowledge and tools I have received from CPH are far beyond what I would have expected! The education equips the practitioner with all what is needed for a successful practice. This has not only boosted my practice in homeopathy but has also given me new ways of thinking with application that can be used beyond my practice of homeopathy

Shamini Singh Sachdev

A well rounded place to study the healing arts.

Sarah Chapman

I loved every minute at CPH! All tutors taught us never to be afraid of Homeopathy, but gave us the knowledge and tools to practice and achieve positive results with patients. I too learnt so much from all the other disciplines that were taught, and also found it life changing. To graduate in 2009 was one of the proudest days of my life. Highly recommended!

Keri Dawn Williams

It was a life changing experience studying at CPH. I loved the curriculum. We didn't focus solely on Homeopathy... we also learned about iridology, nutrition, muscle testing and flower essences. The tutors were experienced homeopaths able to provide great support and knowledge from clinical experience. Definitely recommended!

Steven Lane

I came to the CPH after many years of practicing Classical Homeopathy. I quickly discovered that my knowledge was very limited. CPH is teaching me a whole new way of looking at homeopathy as well as a huge new range of approaches to use. My success rate with clients has significantly improved. I love the course structure and way of teaching. I also love that Ellen has been very flexible in allowing me to study at my own pace (which is rather slow). I very much recommend this course!

Grace Dasilva-hill

Great place to learn Homeopathy, in a supportive, friendly and professional way.

Kacper Szymanski

CPH is a great place to study and a life changing experience!

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