The Health Factor

(A unique online short course)

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The Health Factor is a unique online self-study course designed to make you think about health and healing, sickness and disease. It will challenge your beliefs and assumptions about health and explain how our society is moving from a path of health to one of sickness, and how you can avoid this in your own life. All the material requires your participation as we are interested in you applying, as appropriate, the information and practical skills to a comprehensive review of your own health issues. Ideas and concepts provided in the seminars are intended to get you to think and question, not just accept. This course is ideal for you if you: 


  • See health as the best investment you will ever make for yourself and your family. 

  • Would like to explore your own and your families health and sickness concerns and explore the range of choices and option open to you for dealing with sickness. 

  • Want to explore the field of complementary and alternative medicine (e.g. naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, and herbalism etc.) 


Serious about your health & your family's health?
This course is perfect for you if you :


  • Would like to invest in your health and your families health.

  • Would like to explore your own and your families health and sickness concerns and explore the range of choices and option open to you for dealing with sickness.

  • Want to explore the field of complementary and alternative medicine (e.g.naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, and herbalism etc.)


It will help you to understand:


  • The historical development of medical systems and some of the complexities of the politics and economics of health and health-related issues, both worldwide, and in your own country.

  • The place complementary and alternative (CAM) approaches to health and their relationship to the so called ‘scientific’ allopathic medicine models in the context of our time.

  • The reasons behind the development of different approaches to health & sickness that have evolved in different countries & cultures.

  • How our so-called ’ health systems’ have become ‘sick’ in themselves. 


By the end of The Health Factor, you will have completed a Personal Health Self-assessment and developed a Health Life Plan to support you in choosing a healthy and satisfying future that you want. There are no exams or external marking.


  • Online Learning   (Self-study short course - only 3 modules). 

  •  Fees: £260 if paid in full (for 3 modules) or £95.00 per module ( or £285)

  • If you would like the Home Prescriber & Health Factor Bundle for £375  link here 

  • Email us at 

  • Or ring us on +44 (0) 208 986 8249

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